April News & DFW Writers Conference 2016

I have great news for the month of April. I’m close to completing Perfecting Your Prose, a fantastic class taught by the oh-so-talented Tex Thompson. There are only two classes left now and I can tell I’ll miss that weekly kick in the pants, but it has awakened in me a desire to continue the studies. I think she’s set a firm foundation of topics I can explore more deeply. What she’s taught me will definitely make a greater showing in my future works.

Speaking of, I’m in the process of drafting two stories. I’m typing out “Just Before the End of Everything Forever” using the exact techniques I’m teaching to my Writing Workflow for Short Fiction class at the end of the month (more on that later). My own process involves writing a lot in the early discovery drafts and cutting it. I think I keep 10-20 percent from those first drafts. At some point I’ll have to post some early drafts to show what I pulled from them and how they get turned into actual scenes, but right now I’ll keep the sausage making process to myself.

The other story I’m working on while driving to work every morning. Again, I’m following the same technique I’ll teach in class at the end of the month, but this story I’m capturing on a digital recorder. I hope this technique bears fruit. Since I’ve started working out I’ve seen a sharp decline in my writing productivity. I’m making changes to remedy that decline, the recorder being among those changes, but I’m still not finishing and submitting as much as I would like. I have a few other stories still in revision, but they shouldn’t take long to get done once my schedule goes from totally booked to just slightly busy.

About the classes, panels, and fun in April. I have times and dates!

Saturday, 9:00-9:50. Workshop – Read & Critique. Room 202B.

You’ll be joining another DFWWW member (Tex Thompson) for a Read & Critique session. There will be 4 readers. Each reader will have 8 minutes to read and 4 minutes of critique (total of 12 minutes per reader). Please explain the Read & Critique guidelines at the beginning of the session.

Saturday, 11:00-11:50. Class – A Writing Workflow for Short Fiction. Room 202A.

You’ll be teaching this class in a conference style room. There will be a projector that you can use to display your presentation. You must bring your own laptop and please have your presentation stored on it or on a flash drive. Do not count on having any Wi-Fi in the classrooms.

Sunday, 11:00-11:50. Panel – Technology in Fiction. Room 202C.

You’ll join four others and a moderator. You’ll all be asked first to introduce yourselves before fielding questions from the moderator and the audience about the use of technology in fiction, whether it’s based in real-world science, science fiction or steampunk.

Be sure to sign up for DFW Writers Conference 2016! See you there.

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