DFWCon 2016

I think I’ve finally recovered from the 2016 DFW Writers Conference. Man, what a wonderful time. I met many talented authors, reconnected with people I haven’t seen in a while, and spent quality time with old friends. The long hours of sitting alone and putting words on paper is a discipline made tolerable by the community of good people you’ll find at most conferences and conventions.

I’m actually stepping off from a ship that’s been on an interesting journey these last few months. I signed up for a class to Perfect Your Prose by Tex Thompson that was absolutely amazing. Preparing for my presentation at DFWCon taught me more about my own process than any workshop ever could. I used to think the old saying, “Those who can’t, teach,” was a terrible insult to teachers. I have a new interpretation of the phrase. If you can’t do something, teach a class on it. By the time you’re ready to teach someone else how to do it, you know it. I have two other classes I want to prepare presentations for; Exploiting the MacGuffin and Flipping Tropes for Fun and Profit. I’m also changing my current presentation to Making the Dilemma the Heart of Your Story. Distilling your thoughts down to a 30-40 minute presentation is a great way to really get a firm grasp on a subject or concept.

The conference has also encouraged me to return to regularly blogging. I plan to start posting very short, very opinionated short story reviews. Basically, I’m going to write about a short story, why I like it, and why I think you’ll like it–that’s it, no long complicated analysis. Just a few words to help push the sort of stories and books I like. I’ll also add a few longer posts related to the subjects I want to teach. I might even do the occasional update based on the current WIP. I plan to write up one of those as soon as I finish this little post.

I’ll return to DFWCon next year. I hope they invite me back to present something. If I don’t teach the dilemma class again, I’m sure I could find something else to discuss. Even if I don’t present, I’m pretty sure it will be a lot of fun.


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