Just a quick update. I’ll be at FenCon XIII as a guest. I’m participating on one panel and moderating another focused on computer science.

My public schedule is listed here: http://www.fencon.org/PanelistBio.aspx?ID=4580

I’ll also hang out for most of the weekend. It doesn’t look like I have a reading, but I’m fine with that.

Good news, though. I am back to writing more. Now that I’ve settled into the newest day job, moved to a new part of DFW, and rearranged my schedule to allow for two hours of writing time a day, I’m finally getting lots of words of the page. And I’m quite happy with what I’m writing.

2016 has been an incredibly unproductive year for me. I’m going to try to make up for that a little in this final quarter, but I had a lot going on, so I’m not beating myself up too much over it. But now that I’m writing every morning I think my long stretch of unproductive piddling has ended.

Sometimes as a craftsperson you need those.

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