July and Upcoming Events

Independence Day is over and it’s back to the normal work week. The day job has kept me busy creating a new mobile app, so I haven’t had much time for writing the past few months. Things are starting to even out, though. I managed to revise a story and send it to an editor this morning. I also completed a new article on writing dialogue, which I also sent off to the editor this morning.
Where am I with my projects?
My pre-apocalypse, alternative history, teenage lesbian love story is shelved for the moment while I complete my novella, “Guild Nocturnal”. Guild is just too cool to let go of, at the moment. And I really, really want to finish it so I have another story to circulate in the pro markets.
I’m back on a somewhat regular writing schedule using a combination of pen/paper, typing, and dictation. As always, I’m hard at work on discovering simple ways to abstract story concepts into something that unpacks easily. One of my latest is the idea that Character = Opinion. I still believe that a character’s goals and desires should truly drive the story, but it’s her opinion more than any other attribute that really fleshes out the character. It’s something I’m keeping in mind while I draft and it’s helping me to reduce the number of rewrites.
Additionally, I’ve had a few revelations on endings. Less is more. Don’t try to explain the ending to the reader. They either get it or they don’t. If you find your ending going long, which is a problem I tend to have, it’s probably because there’s not enough substance in the rest of the story–or you’re trying to hard to make sure the reader gets it.
I only have three stories out on submission. This is bad, but I pulled about 15 stories out of circulation. They just weren’t up to quality. So I need to write, write, write to replace them.
Here are a few upcoming events:
I’ll be a¬†panelist at ArmadilloCon. Oh, and I might come across is some stuck-up white dude, but I’m actually really approachable. I’m just kind of shy and have a hard time relating to humans. Just think of me like a fat cat in human form. If you want to talk about story, Fallout 4, or application development, I am all ears. I’m also attending WorldCon in Kansas City. That will count as my official vacation for the year. It’s my Clarion West 2006 ten year reunion. so that should be fun.
I’m teaching my “Writing Workflow for Short Fiction” class at the Roanoke Writers’ Conference in September. When there are firm dates and a registration link I’ll be sure to add them in a separate post.
I only have one forthcoming publication and that’s my article on writing dialogue. As soon as it releases, I’ll let you know.
And I’ve been interviewed by the website ‘Tethered by Letters,’ which should be released soon, as well.

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