Moving into February

vintage-grey-airplane-planeI don’t have any major announcements at the moment, but I thought I should post an update for February in case I forget I have a blog again. That happens.

On the agenda for the near future:

I’m teaching a class titled, ‘A Writing Workflow for Short Fiction’ at the 2016 DFW Writers Conference April 23rd – 24th. I’ll make a few more announcements as we get closer to the date. The class will be well worth it. I think I have a unique, and very versatile approach to short fiction. Meaning, I think I can actually teach a person how to write an actual, publishable short story, not just some vague idea of a short story that doesn’t really pan out when you get home to try it yourself. Yeah, I’m a little passionate about it.

I think my story at Strange Horizons is coming out soon. I don’t actually have a release date, but as soon as it’s out and available to read I’ll be pushing for people to read it.

Writing news:

I have four pieces in the works.

  • The biggest piece is a novelette that’s on its third draft. After one more draft to clarify the story’s theme I’ll be done with it. I’m sending it to a few readers first, just to get some final feedback, and then after a few small revisions based on reader feedback it’s probably on its way to the big competition.
  • The next piece is very light on the speculative elements, but very big on magical thinking. This is drafted and waiting for another round of revisions.
  • Then I have an alternative history story where the world is destroyed by nuclear war, but not before my main character experiences paradise for one final moment.
  • My next piece is still in its first draft stage and incomplete, but I should be able to finish that soon. It’s a shorter piece with a heavy focus on family and family turmoil.
Like most writers, I have far more ideas and worlds to explore than I have time to write the stories for. I’ll keep writing, though and hopefully what I write is the sort of thing that editors want.

Happy reading,


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