WIP Report

#1 WIP

I’m in the process of writing a screenplay version of “Right Before the End of Everything Forever”. I’ve done a lot of drafting work on this story. The first draft is a mess. Most of my first drafts are like that. I consider these drafts to be the place where I discover things, take notes, explore multiple avenues, and focus on my big Story Tools. The screenplay draft is an honest-to-goodness screenplay. My goal is to have this story in narrative prose form as well as screenplay form. I’ve missed playing in the screenwriting world. I’m ready to return to it.

I have no WIP #2 at the moment. This doesn’t mean everything else is complete, but I’m keeping all of my focus on finishing this story. When I finish the screenplay I’ll likely work on revising something else until I return to the prose version of RBEEF.

I have found a great way to generate a lot of story content. I record my story ideas and a sort of preliminary draft while driving to and from work. That’s 40 minutes a day of recorded material. I now have a huge backlog of ideas in development.

I have only 3 stories out in circulation. I plan to remedy that soon. I decided to retire about 15 stories. They weren’t meeting my expectations for quality. Most of them were written two years ago and I’ve learned a lot in two years. I might go back and repair a few of them, but for the most part I’m ready to move on to better works.

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